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Welcome to our ElevateMe Skills Translator.

You may feel as though you have nothing to write down, but you will be surprised. Here we have a list of things that you might have done at school or in your free time that can show a number of different skills!

  • Things you did in School or College

    Did you have to do any projects or hand in work on-time? Skills Translator: You are used to working to tight deadlines

    Did you take part in any team projects where you had to work with other people? Or did you do any team sports? Skills Translator: You have experience working with other people and taking part in a team where you had to work towards a goal.

    Did you take part in any extra-curricular clubs or activities in your spare time? Skills Translator: You are motivated to do something that you are not forced to do AND you are good at time management because you did this in addition to your studies

    Did you do any work experience? Skills Translator: If it is in the industry you want to go into it shows that you are passionate about that job because you have made the effort to find out more about it. If it was not in the same industry it has taught you about yourself and what you like / don’t like in a job. You may also have learned some other skills from your experience.

    Have you ever done voluntary work? Skills Translator: This shows dedication and time management again, and shows that you are hard working and not just motivated by money.

  • Things you do at home

    Do you do anything to help with your family? Are you a carer for a parent or sibling? Skills Translator: You are caring and hard working and good at time management because you were able to juggle this with your studies.

    Do you like listening to music or art? Skills Translator: This shows you are creative, if you use any apps or software to do things with music and art then this means that you are able to use technology to follow your interests

    Do you do exercise in your free time? as part of  any clubs, societies or just on your own? Skills Translator: This shows that you are dedicated and motivated

    Do you ever cook in your home? Skills Translator: This shows that you are creative and good at following instructions because you can read and follow a recipe

    Do you contribute to online forums? Skills Translator: You are good at communicating and solving other people’s problems

  • Work Experience

    When you describe some work experience that you have completed here is what you should put on your CV:

    • Dates you completed it
    • What your role was, were you a work experience student or did you have another job title?
    • What you saw and experienced. What did this teach you about the job, company, yourself etc?
    • What your tasks were and anything you specifically did while there

    speech-bubble.gifIf you want more help on how to talk about what you did on work experience then head over to the Work Experience Restaurant and look at the Work Experience Review document.


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