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Why is it important?

computer.gifTechnology is getting more and more important in our modern world and it is increasingly becomming something that employers will look for when they are hiring. Having some IT skills and qualifications on your CV could mean all the difference when you are applying for a job. So what are you waiting for?

  • First Steps in IT

    keyboard.gifCLASS provides a basic course which aims to introduce learners to IT for the first time. The course introduces learners to the key basics like using the mouse, keyboard, searching on the internet and using email. For more information on the course ring their helpline on 0345 8420012 to ask any quesitons.

  • European Computer Driving License

    qualification.gifThe European Computer Driving License is an internationally recognised qualification in computer skills. The qualification is recognised and respected and ensures that the student is proficient in the use of ICT. The skills you learn will be able to help you not only with using ICT for work, but also for personal use and even as a student at school. There is further information on the website: ECDL

    Where can I get more information?

    National Careers Service Website

  • Other Useful Resources

    Learn ICT

    Revise ICT

    The BBC 

    The National Careers Service allows you to search for courses near you.

  • Computer Literacy and Information Technology

    qualification.gifCLAiT is a qualification offered by OCR which has a number of levels that is designed to build and develop skills in IT. It aims to teach students starting from the basics of IT hardware and software and to build their confidence and knowledge of IT.

    Where can I find out more information?:

    National Careers Service Website

    Skills Workshop

  • Touch Typing Skills

    Being able to touch type is something that will help you in any job where you come into contact with a computer. It is a useful skill not only for work, but also for your own personal life. 

    Links to Touch Typing sites: (this would be better done on a full screen computer rather than a smart phone)

    Typing Club

    Sense Lang

    For a huge number of touch typing links try Laptop typing tutorials

    Typing Study

    Don't forget once you've learned to touch type you should put your speed in wpm (Words Per Minute) on your CV.

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