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There are many ways to get involved in volunteering. The below information will help get you started:

  • Sectors

    Here are just some of the sectors that you could get involved in:

    • Retail
    • Animal Work
    • Education
    • Care
    • Administration
    • Fundraising
    • Online Volunteering
    • Community Welfare
    • Conservation and Environment
    • Youth Work
    • Disaster Support
  • Volunteering charities/providers

    • WAM Get Involved
    • Do It website
    • RBWM council
    • Berkshire Action for All
    • Time bank
    • Windsor & Winkfield Community First Responsers
    • Vinspired
    • BerkshireYouth
    • iVolunteer
  • Time Commitment

    You can always volunteer no matter how little free time you have. 


    calendar.gifYou can do full-time volunteering close to where you live on a number of different projects. An increasingly popular option is to travel abroad and volunteer in other countries.


    calendar-part-time.gifDepending on your availability you can undertake part-time voluntary work that will fit in with your work or studies. When you contact a volunteer organisation (there is a list of them on the Third Floor of the Building) let them know your availability so that you can find a project that fits in with your available time.

    One off projects:

    one-off.gifIf you know that you won’t be able to commit to a project long term then there are plenty of projects which only require a one-off commitment. You will sign up for the project and it will have a fixed duration. Once the project has been completed you will can either return to your other activities or hopefully find a new volunteering project to get involved in. This is particularly useful for anyone who is studying and wants to do something during their holidays.


    computer.gifIf you want to volunteer from home you can do that as well! E-volunteering means you can help from your home and in your own time. Projects are varied and include anything from social media to website help, proof-reading or translating. Try this website for further opportunities.


    clock.gifIf you are busy or have commitments at home you can get involved in microvolunteering. Help from Home gives information of loads of things that you can do at home or in your lunch break. Anything from knitting a square for a blanket to giving your unwanted goods to a cause or signing a petition. There are loads of ways that you can volunteer for between 1 minute and a couple of hours!

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