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So now you've got an interview that's fantastic! But have you considered the costs of an interveiw? Here are some things to budget for and bear in mind:

  • Travel Costs

    car.gifLook at costs of bus or train travel, if you are going by car then find out where you are going to park and how much parking will cost. Use google maps to make sure that you are prepared for the journey and know how to get there. Also consider using Transport Direct.

  • Clothing

    clothing.gifYou will probably need a smart outfit to go to the interview in, most probably a suit, but this will depend entirely on the job you are going for. As a general rule the smarter the better.

    If you've never bought a suit before here is some advice that you might find useful.

    • It should be comfortable and smart, as a general rule you can't go wrong with a black suit.
    • Remember that a suit means either Jacket + Trousers OR Jacket + Dress/Skirt and Shirt.
    • See your suit as an investment, you will be able to wear it to all your interviews and when you get a job you will be able to wear it to work as well!

    Remember!: If you are registered with Jobcentre Plus they may be able to help you with the cost of buying a suit, ask your adviser for more information.

  • Print Costs

    printer.gifYou might want to bring along a couple of copies of your CV and your application, so you can hand it to them if they need it. Also you can have it with you when you are preparing for and sitting in the interview.

  • Starting Work

    money.gifRemember that when you get a job you are entitled to be paid at least the national minimum wage.


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