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clipboard.gifYour first step should be writing a really good business plan. This will turn your idea into something that could be reality, so take care over this step.


Writing a business Plan:

A business plan is essential for the success of any new business, it is vital to have one when you ask for funding or a partnership. It will also help to keep your business strategy clear in your mind.

  • Some Resources for Writing Your Business Plan

    The Prince's Trust has some great advice on writing a plan and even provides some templates you can use. All the resources on their site are free to use.

    You can also download a template for a business plan from the government website. The site also has plenty of other useful information.

    You will need to consider the following when you are writing your business plan:

    • A brief description of your business that makes people remember you and it
    • An assessment of the market for your product or service
    • Potential difficulties to overcome and opportunities for growth
    • How you will finance it before you start to make money
    • Short-term and longer-term aims, with expected timescales
    • Your sales and marketing strategy
    • Premises and personnel
    • Taxes and accounting

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