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  • Business Checklist

    Have you made sure that you have answers for the following questions? Thinking about these now will make your Business Plan easier to write.

    What's your great idea for starting a business?

    What's different or special about it?

    How will you make your business stand out?

    Who will your customers be? How will you find them?

    What makes you passionate about the business you want to run?

    Have you researched what similar businesses are already out there?

    Have you discussed your idea with anyone who might have a useful view on it?

    What was their response and what did you learn from it?

    Will you be happy working long hours, often on your own?

    Are you good at motivating others?

    What will you have to spend to set it up?

    How quickly will you be able to get it going?

    How long will it take to start making a profit?

    How will you finance your business until you start making a profit?

    Once you start to make a profit, how will you reinvest it to make the business grow?

    How will you cover your living expenses while you are growing your business?

    Having thought all this through are you still excited about it?

  • Download a Business Plan Template

    The best business plan template is the one from The Prince's Trust website, it is easy to follow and has all the sections you need to create a professional and convincing plan.

    Click here to Download

  • Join a Business Support Organisation

    Make sure you get the support you need in setting up your own business. Once you've joined an organisation tick this box.


  • Build a Budget

    You need to make sure that you have planned the finances of your company. For advice on how to write a budget visit the Money and Benefits Blade.


  • Get in touch with some Legal support

    You want to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible so make sure you get the appropriate legal advice when you are starting. Once you have contacted your lawyers or the Citizen's Advice Bureau then tick this box.


  • Track your Tax

    Your business will have to pay tax, so contact HMRC to clarify and establish your tax situation. Once you've done this keep a record of it and tick this box to show it has been completed.


  • Register with Companies House

    In order to establish your own company you will have to register your business with Companies House. ( Once you've registered tick this box to show you've completed this stage.


  • Promote your Business

    Well done for getting this far! When you start up your company you will have to think about promoting your business. Tick the boxes when you've taken those steps in promoting your company.

    Print Business Cards

    Get a Website

    Set up a social media account for your business

    Advertise Locally (in newspapers and newsagents)

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