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Job hunting, and everything that goes with it, is hard. And everyone understands that.

Staying motivated while you are job hunting is one of the hardest things to do. It can be really tough sending off loads and loads of applications and getting rejected. Everyone goes through this, so you can’t let it get you down while you are applying. You need to stay motivated and this building will show you some tricks on how you can stay positive.

  • Who Are You Doing This For?

    smiley-face.gifOne of the best ways to stay motivated is to dedicate your job search to someone, it could be your parent, grandparent or even your car. But by dedicating your job hunt to them you are giving yourself a solid reason to keep going and not give up.

  • A First Job is just a First Step

    • Every job gives us skills and the more skills we develop the quicker we progress to a better job and more money.  No matter what job you apply for you will be gaining skills like; working under pressure, Working in a busy team, Problem solving, Initiative, responsibility and timekeeping. 
    • Every job gives you the opportunity to save money and gain a sense of financial independence.   
  • Everyone Starts Somewhere

    Success is the result of hard work and no one starts at the top.  The important thing is to start so look for as many different types of jobs as possible.

    • President Obama was a community volunteer and started his career as a Community organizing
    • Jamie Oliver began his career washing and preparing vegetables in a Pub kitchen.
    • Steve Jobs got his first experience volunteering as an intern at Hewlett Packard
    • Ellen Degeneres had many jobs including clerical work for a law firm, retail, catering, house painting, bartending and shucking oysters. She even sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

    “Everyone sometimes feels a bit down but you will only succeed if you get up quickly try again.  I'm proud of the way I've dealt with setbacks. It's hard when you feel down and you think, 'Why is the world doing this to me?' But you have to pick yourself up again. That's what makes you a better athlete” Jessica Ennis

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