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Motivation Centre

calendar.gifSet goals (daily, weekly) to track your progress and reward yourself for your achievements. If you want suggestions on how to do this then have a look at the Work Search Grandstand progress trackers.

clipboard.gifBreak down what you have to achieve into chunks. Don’t just say, ‘apply for a job’ but break it down into ‘research job adverts’, ‘write application’, ‘check application’, then ‘send application’.

smiley-face.gifReward yourself, make sure that every day you give yourself a treat. But make sure that you tell yourself that you have to earn your treats! For example, you can only go out once you’ve done your job hunting tasks for the day.

  • Here are some things that you can reward yourself with:

    • Going shopping
    • Going out with friends
    • Going to the cinema
    • Download a film to watch
    • Go for a run outside
    • Meet up with someone

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