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Stress Strategy

Learning how to stay relaxed and calm during stressful times is a great skill.

On this floor we learn:

  • What causes stress
  • How we can learn to manage stress
  • The support services who are available to support us
  • Managing stress

    It is important to understand what stress is and how to manage it.  In life and work there will always be times that are stressful.  Stress might be caused by

    • A genuine problem
    • Worrying about something that has not happened
    • A bad relationship
    • Expecting too much of yourself
    • Feeling overwhelmed and under pressure

    It is important to realize that whatever the reason we can learn how to control and manage our stress.  

  • What does stress feel like?

    There are lots of feelings associated with stress.  These are a list of some of the emotions that stress can cause you

    • Feeling anxious (constantly worried)
    • Tense
    • Upset
    • Sad
    • Angry
    • Depressed

    Some stress in our lives is natural but long term stress can lead to health problems.  Short term problems can include headaches, exhaustion, rashes or other symptoms of illness.

    Long term stress can be lead to conditions including depression, severe anxiety and other mental health conditions.  The good news is stress is a very treatable condition.

  • How to Manage Your Stress

    Ask why you are stressed?

    Stress always has a trigger.  Examples could be that you are behind with course work, unhappy at home or worried about debt.  Whatever it is that is worrying you needs to be looked at.  When you have a problem ask yourself these two questions.

    Question One

    Can I do anything to solve or fix this problem?

    Having a problem can make us worry and feel helpless. Solving a problem can make us feel positive and in control.  Sometimes writing our problems down can help us to think of solutions.  

    Question Two

    Can anyone else help me solve my problem?

    The answer to this is yes.  A problem shared is a problem halved. And a stress solved is a stress gone!

    There are many organizations available to help resolve our problems including:  Counselling services, Citizens Advice, Talking therapies, child line, Advisa, Our Doctors and local organizations.

  • Talking Therapies

  • Good Life style and Managing Everyday stresses

    Sometimes our bodies just need to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Forgetting about a problem and concentrating on something you enjoy is the perfect way to let your stresses go.  Exercise, competitive sport, listening to music, reading or watching a great film can all help you relax.  

  • See the Experts

    Your Doctor and Talking Therapies are experts in helping people learn to manage their stress.  Your Doctor can prescribe support services and talking therapies are always contactable. 

    How the experts can help

    An expert will help you to identify your stress triggers and find the best solution for you. Always remember that stress is something you can manage and expert help is available.

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